FlowMotion Back and Joint Therapy

Healing Through Movement


If you have not already done so, please read->New clients…start here


Thanks to some amazing free (!!!!), easy-to-use technology, I am able to work with clients from literally all over the world. How does this work? In a nutshell, you send me a video of you walking (preferably using the hudl technique app), along with a few photos, and a thorough injury history. I analyze the footage and still photos; design an individualized, targeted corrective exercise program; and then we meet online to go over findings and your program. I recommend this package as our most time and cost effective mode of working together; I gather a wealth of information by watching your video, zooming in and out, and reviewing literally seconds of footage over and over.

Technical Stuff For Recording and Sharing Gait Video:

  1. I have a device that is supported by hudl technique? Please read: How to set up hudl technique, record, and share videos (don’t worry, it’s easy!).
  2. I do not have a device that is supported by hudl technique? Record your gait video (see instructions below) using any device of your choice and text it to me at 760-920-2284, or email it to me at margyverba@hotmail.com — please be sure to include your name in the text/email!!!


  1. Record and share with me your gait (walking) video. Read specific instructions here.
  2. Take the photos I request. Read specific instructions here.
  3. Complete the intake questionnaire.
  4. Send me an email requesting an appointment with your intake questionnaire responses and photos attached at margyverba@hotmail.com. Wait for reply letting you know when you can schedule your 90 minute appointment (depending on your location and preference, either in-person or remotely via video). NOTE: Depending on my schedule, I will try to review your footage, photos, and intake questionnaire within a week of receiving.

Investment includes:

  1. Detailed analysis of your video footage, photos, and intake questionaire. Based on findings, I design a targeted, individualized exercise program addressing your needs and goals – 90 minutes of my time.
  2. Online session in which we discuss findings, perform further assessments based on above analysis, and teach/learn your individualized targeted program – 120 minutes together.
  3. Post-session support: detailed homework recap email, corrective exercise videos/handouts, availability to answer questions (I strongly encourage inter-session communication), analyze new footage as needed – 30 minutes of my time.

For a total of 4 hours of my time.

Investment: $330