1. Clothing: Please wear a jog bra (women) or shirtless (men). No one sees these videos. If you are uncomfortable doing so, please wear a light colored shirt as tight as is comfortable. Please be barefoot. Please wear shorts or tight exercise pants (e.g. yoga pants) rolled up; we need to be able to see your knees.
  2. Record a video of yourself walking away from the camera and toward the camera three times. Please set up camera so we can see your whole body for most of the time and such that the video is vertically oriented rather than horizontal (taller rather than wider). Try to have the camera as straight as possible. Try to walk at your normal speed — most people walk more slowly when recording. Try to walk as normally as possible; pretend you are walking down the street and no one is recording you. A distance of about 15 feet is great, but not necessary. Please record the longest distance possible up to 15 feet.
  3. Record another video of your gait viewed from the side. You will not have to walk as far as you will only be visible in the camera for a short distance. Please make sure we can see your whole body (from feet to top of head), and position the camera at least 10 feet from yourself if possible.
  4. Share the video using WhatsApp. Please make sure it is very clear from whom we are receiving the video!!!
    • For Jessi Delong, use 1-760-920-1373.
    • For Margy Verba, use 1-760-920-2284.
    • For instructions on sharing videos via WhatsApp->click here…