Instructions For Gathering and Sending Prerequisite Materials:

  1. We have found the free WhatsApp app (available on iOS and Android) is the simplest way to send videos and photos. Please install the app. Please make sure it is very clear from whom we are receiving the videos and photos.
    • For Jessi Delong, use 1-760-920-1373.
    • For Margy Verba, use 1-760-920-2284.
    • For instructions on sharing videos/photos via WhatsApp->click here…
  2. Record and share your gait (walking) video. Read specific instructions here.
  3. Record and share a foot movement assessment video. Read specific instructions here.
  4. Take the posture photos. Read specific instructions here.
  5. Optional (but potentially very useful) record and share another video explaining your primary complaint(s) demonstrating movements that are common triggers.
  6. Complete the intake questionnaire.