We provide this service as a package because we believe healing is a process, not an event; FlowMotion Back & Joint Therapy is not a quick fix. Ultimately, we want to provide you with the self-care tools to “fix” yourself…we do not “fix” you. In the spirit of “Give a person a fish and they eat fish for a day, teach a person to fish and they eat fish for a lifetime”, we want to teach you how to fish. FlowMotion Back and Joint Therapy sessions include: postural and movement analysis; neuromuscular and myofascial release techniques for tight muscles; mobilizations for restricted joints; as well as retraining of non-optimal postural and movement habits through an individualized corrective exercise program. Rather than providing symptomatic relief, this unique combination of techniques addresses your underlying issues and empowers you to actively participate in your own healing process.  We will be developing a movement practice which specifically addresses your needs and goals, as well as realistically fits into your schedule. NOTE: You may book Back & Joint Therapy appointments individually without purchasing a package. You may start with either a 30 minute Consultation or a 2 hour Assessment & Program Design Session.

Be Empowered by Actively Participating in Your Own Healing Process!!

FlowMotion Back & Joint Therapy Package  – Includes:

Assessment & Program Design Session (2 hours)

+ 3 Sessions (60 min. each)

+ Follow-up (30 min.)

Assessment and Program Design Session – 90 min.

In your Assessment and Program Design Session we will assess your postural and movement patterns; your history; and your goals. Based on our findings, we will:

  1. recommend a “big picture” course of action,
  2. provide some joint mobilization of “sticky” joints as needed,
  3. provide neuromusclular and myofascial release of long-term holding patterns as needed,
  4. provide a conceptual background of how your “moving body” works,
  5. introduce some corrective exercises which address your underlying movement patterns, so that you can maintain and integrate joint and muscle release work on your own.

In short, we will begin to address your issues and goals by introducing an individual movement practice and conceptual understanding of your patterns — you will leave with homework.

Follow-up Session – 60 min.

A one hour session where we fine-tune your practice by:

  1. re-assessing your patterns,
  2. reviewing your exercise program,
  3. reviewing and enhancing your conceptual understanding or your “moving body”,
  4. adjust your program accordingly.

Initial Consultation or Tune-up – 30 min.

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